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To complete this tutorial, you need to connect to Universal Platform. Before you connect, please take note of the supported browsers and system requirements. 

Supported browsers

The following browsers are fully supported by Universal Platform:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera 

The following browsers are not supported and some features may not function correctly:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
System requirements

If you are using the Universal Platform web interface, there are no special system requirements other than a supported browser and internet connection.

Connecting to Universal Platform

To log in to Universal Platform:

Replace YourStudentUsername in the URL with your student login name. This is the same name you enter to log in to Universal Platform.


  • Login in using your Student credentials:
    • Username: Your Student Username
    • Password:Your Student Username

You should now be successfully connected to Universal Platform.

The Universal Platform system automatically times out if there is no activity in a period of time. If you are inactive without logging out of the application, you must restart your browser session and log in to Universal Platform again to continue working.

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